Zen Program
in Fukui , Japan
ZEN Program (a fusion of natural and spiritual experiences) that provide the essential experiences of Zen culture that are unique to the region at the center of Zen, in which Zen culture is used as a cutoff point for Zen culture, and Zen culture (experience of farming, making local cuisine, etc.) is used in accordance with a special guide with experience of Eihei-ji Temple.
Yoshimine District
Yoshimine District as a whole has advanced with Zen culture and is an unknown region with real value that has been rooted in Zen culture since ancient times, and the entire region is regarded as the place for training.
Eiheiji Temple
Eihei-ji Temple, literally “the temple of eternal peace,” was founded by Dogen in the Kamakura period. It is one of the most frequently visited temples in the Hokuriku region. Spreading over the serene hillside and shaded by majestic cedar trees, it is one of the two headquarters of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism. Both domestic and foreigners have a chance to stay overnight at this Zen monastery to get a glimpse of monks’ daily training such as Zen meditation and sutra transcription.
Kippoji Temple
The place where Dogen trained for his first time in Echizen Area (Fukui Prefecture) . It is the temple for monks of Soto school.
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